Thursday, March 26, 2009

The last speech ...


ari tue cuti ku tertgk tis one episode of Oprah..i like to watch Oprah very much coz u can learn a lot bout life n everythin by watchin it.. sometimes n most of the times it is so inspiring n motivate me too see n be in a positive attitude n sometimes ... it makes me ponder bout life n wat is the 'real' life is all about .. sometimes even tough we muslim have lots of teachin bout life but still we cannot see the reality of life .. we sometimes still do not accept the concept of Redha .. Usaha, Tawakal, sedekah etc etc.. n how sad to see that a non muslim manage to do it soo well n us... jus see how they love to do charity as in Sedekah n helps each others .. n how the chinese people apply the concept of sedekah by giving hamper d more expensive d better .. coz for them when u give more u will get more ... does tis concept ring a bell??? Allah already promise when u give 1 Allah will give u ten times ... n do we apply it.. erm erm ..

Islam is a very comprehensive and complete religion n no religion is as complete as Islam .. Islam teaches what should we do from the beginning of life till our last breath .. how should we treat a new born, azan n iqamat, in seven days, named the baby with good name and do aqiqah, give sedekah according to the baby hair weightage etc etc .. how to eat.. how to enter greet others even the simplest thing, how to yawn n laugh also being taught in Islam.. to every minute detail.. but do we apply it??? n do we see how Allah teach us everythin.. everythin.. Allah shows the way and we choose to do it or not n it depend on our ability also ...

stop the babbling [ i like to membebel very much hihi] i just amazed how tis man apply the Concept Redha in his life ... he is going to die n expected to live only for a few months .. but the way he handle the situation by not mourning over it and still live life to the fullest and see it as a challenge and in a positive atitude is so inspiring .. n how he since childhood live his life to the fullest and n he never regret the way he live his life because he has lead the best life as he can.. tis part credit to his parent .. he has a good parent ... who teaches him to pick people vs thing and to be humble n to express his childhood dreams ...

the last lecture that teaches me a lot.. a lot

in his university they have to wrote a last talk called the last lecture.. it is an academic tradition pretending that u r goin to die n what would be your last speech to your students .. but for him it is not pretending because he is goin to die ..

this talk is about

the childhood dreams and how to achieve it

why he gives the lecture

the talk is not just about how to achieve your childhood dream... its much broader than that... its about how to live your life .. because if you lead ur life the right way the karma would take care of itself ... the DREAM will come to you ... if you live properly the DREAM will come to you ...
the most touchin part when he told the audience that he did not wrote the lecture for 4oo hundreds audience but to only three people, his sons ... he almost cried tis time n most of the audience already full with tears n even me huhu~~

his last words still ringin in my head n most part of his speech still do ...

what i learn from his speech...

i want to be a TIGGER because i want to be energetic n optimistic, curious n enthusiastic n they have FUN

i want to pick people vs things [can i n im trying]

no one is pure evil .. n if u r patient enough u will see the good side of that person .. u can not force it but u can wait ...

complaining and whining does not solve problems .. action does ... true indeed.. learn to complain lesser and appreciate it more ... always look at the people who get lesser than u not the people who are above you .. or u will end up with more complains... ni saying from islamic perspective ... so that we complain less n syukur more hihi...

'experiece is what you get when you dont get what you wanted' ... for me personally i learn more through mistakes, tis i admit trully ... i remember mdm jane said in her class why u are so defensive when lecturers complain and correcting ur mistakes ... just accept it because we want to help u to do better.. the more we complain the more you can learn .. so do make a lot of mistakes so we can correct you and not end up just sit and have nothing to do .. i just laugh when she said that.. i jus love her very much ... most of the speech that came out from her mouth are gold advices n very true indeed ... she is an INSPIRATION ... she added, the more fussy the lecturers are the more you can learn ... so do not afraid when you get a fussy lecturer as your guru pembimbing guys hihi ... yes u most probably will be bullied when u get to the school as u r new guru pelatih, have to do mural etc .. etc... but remember the more work u do the more u can learn... but dont overdone urself..

when u r doing a bad job and nobody points it out to you ... that's when they given up on you ....
fuhh dlm sungguh ... meaning bila kite buat silap n xde org btol kn.. its mean org dah lost hope in correcting us ... they try once or twice and myb nope for the third times ... bila org bg nasihat or membebel kn kite skali dua kali tuk betolkn kite.. tp kita xamek port .. lame2 die stop membebel n malas nk cara n less concern bout us it means that we r d losing one coz people dh malas nk layan kite n malas dh nk nasihat .. so jage bile org dh stop bebel kt anda hihi.. ketahui la bebelan itu tanda care sayang n concern iye hehe... tp tgk kontek bebel itu la ... bebelan ibu tanda syang so takut la bila ibu stop membebel n_n

brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things
[i like tis saying by him very much]

Dr David Pausch, he passed away on july 25, 2008


  1. kalau nak compare tengok orang india je cukup buat kuil dekat nak sama banyak jumlah dia orang, walupun jumlah sikit tapi kuil banyak.Aku heran mana depa dapat duit buat kuil tuh, takkan samy velu bagi semua kot.

  2. myb sbb byk buat kutipan amal kot..we never know..xkn la samy velu je kasik kot hihi..botak la die..

  3. bukan sami velu tu nak botak eh? haha.. lari konteks pulak.

    ape pun. ske sgt post ni. very refreshing! i like ur paradigm and perspectives. :)

  4. im glad tat it inspired u..coz it inspire me..tat is why i want to share it..sharin is carin hehe..