Thursday, March 26, 2009

The last speech ...


ari tue cuti ku tertgk tis one episode of Oprah..i like to watch Oprah very much coz u can learn a lot bout life n everythin by watchin it.. sometimes n most of the times it is so inspiring n motivate me too see n be in a positive attitude n sometimes ... it makes me ponder bout life n wat is the 'real' life is all about .. sometimes even tough we muslim have lots of teachin bout life but still we cannot see the reality of life .. we sometimes still do not accept the concept of Redha .. Usaha, Tawakal, sedekah etc etc.. n how sad to see that a non muslim manage to do it soo well n us... jus see how they love to do charity as in Sedekah n helps each others .. n how the chinese people apply the concept of sedekah by giving hamper d more expensive d better .. coz for them when u give more u will get more ... does tis concept ring a bell??? Allah already promise when u give 1 Allah will give u ten times ... n do we apply it.. erm erm ..

Islam is a very comprehensive and complete religion n no religion is as complete as Islam .. Islam teaches what should we do from the beginning of life till our last breath .. how should we treat a new born, azan n iqamat, in seven days, named the baby with good name and do aqiqah, give sedekah according to the baby hair weightage etc etc .. how to eat.. how to enter greet others even the simplest thing, how to yawn n laugh also being taught in Islam.. to every minute detail.. but do we apply it??? n do we see how Allah teach us everythin.. everythin.. Allah shows the way and we choose to do it or not n it depend on our ability also ...

stop the babbling [ i like to membebel very much hihi] i just amazed how tis man apply the Concept Redha in his life ... he is going to die n expected to live only for a few months .. but the way he handle the situation by not mourning over it and still live life to the fullest and see it as a challenge and in a positive atitude is so inspiring .. n how he since childhood live his life to the fullest and n he never regret the way he live his life because he has lead the best life as he can.. tis part credit to his parent .. he has a good parent ... who teaches him to pick people vs thing and to be humble n to express his childhood dreams ...

the last lecture that teaches me a lot.. a lot

in his university they have to wrote a last talk called the last lecture.. it is an academic tradition pretending that u r goin to die n what would be your last speech to your students .. but for him it is not pretending because he is goin to die ..

this talk is about

the childhood dreams and how to achieve it

why he gives the lecture

the talk is not just about how to achieve your childhood dream... its much broader than that... its about how to live your life .. because if you lead ur life the right way the karma would take care of itself ... the DREAM will come to you ... if you live properly the DREAM will come to you ...
the most touchin part when he told the audience that he did not wrote the lecture for 4oo hundreds audience but to only three people, his sons ... he almost cried tis time n most of the audience already full with tears n even me huhu~~

his last words still ringin in my head n most part of his speech still do ...

what i learn from his speech...

i want to be a TIGGER because i want to be energetic n optimistic, curious n enthusiastic n they have FUN

i want to pick people vs things [can i n im trying]

no one is pure evil .. n if u r patient enough u will see the good side of that person .. u can not force it but u can wait ...

complaining and whining does not solve problems .. action does ... true indeed.. learn to complain lesser and appreciate it more ... always look at the people who get lesser than u not the people who are above you .. or u will end up with more complains... ni saying from islamic perspective ... so that we complain less n syukur more hihi...

'experiece is what you get when you dont get what you wanted' ... for me personally i learn more through mistakes, tis i admit trully ... i remember mdm jane said in her class why u are so defensive when lecturers complain and correcting ur mistakes ... just accept it because we want to help u to do better.. the more we complain the more you can learn .. so do make a lot of mistakes so we can correct you and not end up just sit and have nothing to do .. i just laugh when she said that.. i jus love her very much ... most of the speech that came out from her mouth are gold advices n very true indeed ... she is an INSPIRATION ... she added, the more fussy the lecturers are the more you can learn ... so do not afraid when you get a fussy lecturer as your guru pembimbing guys hihi ... yes u most probably will be bullied when u get to the school as u r new guru pelatih, have to do mural etc .. etc... but remember the more work u do the more u can learn... but dont overdone urself..

when u r doing a bad job and nobody points it out to you ... that's when they given up on you ....
fuhh dlm sungguh ... meaning bila kite buat silap n xde org btol kn.. its mean org dah lost hope in correcting us ... they try once or twice and myb nope for the third times ... bila org bg nasihat or membebel kn kite skali dua kali tuk betolkn kite.. tp kita xamek port .. lame2 die stop membebel n malas nk cara n less concern bout us it means that we r d losing one coz people dh malas nk layan kite n malas dh nk nasihat .. so jage bile org dh stop bebel kt anda hihi.. ketahui la bebelan itu tanda care sayang n concern iye hehe... tp tgk kontek bebel itu la ... bebelan ibu tanda syang so takut la bila ibu stop membebel n_n

brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things
[i like tis saying by him very much]

Dr David Pausch, he passed away on july 25, 2008

Monday, March 23, 2009

rase ini menyenangkn...

damainya..damainya perasaan ini tika melihat gambar ni
hihi..xpyh g jepun xpe =P


sudah lame rase y satu ini berteka-teki d kotak minda ku
for almost one year haha...kini baru ku tau...n shokinly
ku seronok n teramat2 bahagia bila ku tau psl nie
entah tetiba ku rase terlepas satu burden y ku bawa
[alamak burden cm heavy jek]
[erm xdop word lain y dtg ke kotak minda ku]
n ku terus gelak n hepi beyond words n terasa melayang2
n me myself never expect to feel this way..tankiu Allah
dulu terimagine myb terasa sedikit sedih alhmdllh rase
sedih itu tak muncul n xpenah muncul d kotak minda ku..
hope never la hihi,hope rase y mendamai kn ini last forever..

i dont like to feel 'hangin' n to be left with uncertainty
who likes to feel that way n be in that situation
i like sumthin y tangible n definite...
now its definite n certain..yup i like the truth..

kate org perjalanan idup tanpa cabaran
seperti minum air teh xde gula...mane bess cm tuee..
kerana setiap cabaran dn ujian y Allah turun kn
walau dlm apa jua bentuk dtg menduga bagai badai or ribut
bersebab..satu je sebab die..supaya kita lebih dekat n xlalai dgnNYA
supaya kite xterdeviate jauh n jd insan y lebih baik insyAllah..
lagi kita d uji lagi kita rase bergantung n menharap padaNya
[bg y dpt baca underlyin Ujian tu]
[bg y tidak anda akn kecundng lebih jauh nauzubillah]
kerana setiap Ujian y dtg xkn sia2 sbb Allah akan bg sumthin
in return,igt tue..Allah xkn uji sume org n bukan sume org
y Allah nk kasik the end of every ujian Allah akan bg
reward insyAllah..ujian dtg dgn kebahagian y bakal menyusul..

kdg2 n mmg btol ujian buat kite lagi dekat dgn Allah, bila kita nk sumthin mesti kite berbaik2 dgn ory y kita minta tp bila dpt erm erm.. sbb tu kdg2 Allah tunda or xtunai kn hajat kita supaya kite sentiasa berasa in need of HIM n will be closed to HIM... slalu org nangis mengadu pada Allah.. jarang skali org menangis kegembiraan n bercerita kpd Allah erm erm erm..

bak dtg ny ckp hujan tu menyusahkn..xbleh nk gerak kena guna payung,nnt demam etc etc..leceh la..asik2 ujan.. tp hakikatny hujan dtg dgn seribu Rahmat n Keberkatan y kita terlepas pandang.. spt kita rase ujan itu sumthin y sedih n menyusahkn.. so jd la ujan tu menyedihkn n menyusah kn huhu.. bg y mengetahui n Redha.. die munkin bernasib baik tuk melihat pelangi.. itula reward dr Allah sbnry.. kdg2 sabar itu pentin.. Allah nk uji sejauh mana
kesabaran n usaha kite erm..erm..erm..

begitu juga ujian..kita view cm hujan meleceh kn memenat kn..
sampai kite terlepas pandang Rahmat y datang skali dgn kelecehan itu

Allah turun kn Ujian berserta dgn Rahmat..sumthin happen for a reason n i accept the reason.. insyAllah.. insyAllah.. i like this feelin.. really like this feelin tankiu Allah..

entry lama y xterperasan ddk dlm draft..time ku tetiba terkena renjatan kilat time ddk umah akak ku kt jb hihi..nsb baik momiji okie2 aje..lps kena tue ku terkejut for a few seconds n gelak jek lps tue..dlm ati ooo ini raseny kena eletric shock =P ..tgk laptop ku ok alhmdllh..tu je y bermain d kotak minda ku hihi...lps tu tobat doh xmo buka laptop time kilat n guruh hoho...time ujan xpe hihi..

TAG from ummi..


erm dh lame xbuat2 TAG menTAG nie...
tp sbb dr ummi y d kasihi sy buat hihi..

1. Make a list of what u want on your birthday.

2. The list should be 10 numbers.

3. Post the image of the award to your posting.

4. Give it to 10 frens of yours.

erm erm besday dh lepas dh nk kena buat jgk ke list hoho
better late than never kate org..ape ek my besday wishes erm erm..

1.semoga jd insan y lebih baik hari ini dr hari y semalam

2.dpt jd seorg cikgu y baik n bess insyAllah yosh yosh q(^0^)p

3.nk berbakti pd ma + ayoh thn nie insyAllah..dh penat meminta rase ingin MEMBERI la plok huhu~~

4.pnjg umur y berkat n kesihatan y baik n murah rezeki dr sume segi hihi..

5.dpt jd ank y baik,adik,kakak,cik mirah y baik n kwn y bess hoho..insyAllah sedang berusaha n masih berusaha

6.teringin n kangen nk mkn ice cream mcD tp xleh la plak huhu~~ada alternative lain y bess huhu??

7.xmo berpisah ngn kwn2 bleh..hope persahabat y terjalin selama 6 thn will never end ameen..

8.erm ku nk anak sedara iye kwn2..cepat2 la kasik sorg or sedozen..xsabar nk tunggu hihi..nk tmbh bilangan anak buah nie... the end of next year wish to go somewhere tat im longing to go huhu~~hopefully murah rezeki..insyAllah ameen ameen..

10. i always want to be happy n feel happy n_n

hope all my dreams n wishes will come true hihi...
tankiu ummi for the tag

erm xnak tagged sesape sbb tau sume org busy nk exam nie..good luck kenkwn gambate2..
good luck kt sume kenkwn kt uia n maktab...hopefully leh jwb dgn jaya nye and mudah dpt idea n hidayah time exam ameen..all the best..caiyok..caiyok..

Friday, March 13, 2009

dah nak EXAM ker...biar btollll


eh exam stat 28hb ni kn???kwn ku bgtau last week
hah,biar biar betik detik ati xcaya jek
ku pn kira2 n btolll naik cuti seminggu lps tue
dh study week huhuhu~~~ku pn stat adjust minda ku for d exam
tp xter adjust2 lagi haha..n sume kwn2 ku pon..

ku terkejut...n kwn2 ku pn same
wah wah wah...rupe2ny dh nak final exam
my last n final one huhuhu...agak terkejut bile tau...
bila pikir2 balik yela skrg pon dh msk march huhu~~
jus unexpected..laju sggh mase berlalu sem ni..
mase sgt2 mencemburui kami..baru abes penat beresemen
xsempet nk melepaskn penat..tetiba exam dah..right after exam
kena berparktikum..until bulan 7 lps tue insyAllah
bln 8 kalau murah rejeki dh kena postin..fuhhhhhh
ketat n padat jadual sem n hidup kami tahun nie..
xsempat nk berpoya2..yela dh 5thn kami berpoya2 hihi..

skrg nk kena pikir psl pindah umah,cari umah sewa
tengok2 sek y bakal ku praktikum..agak jauh dr umah
sewa skrg..soo kami se entire umah buluh decide to move out
huhuuhuhu~~bermula perpisahan kami...sedih n xmo pikir haha
ku try google map jek dulu..nnt settle after cuti..terlalu
pantas nk pikir n settle sume benda besar ini sume...
mentally n physically exhausted tis sem...wat a good break dpt
balik umah for a week kena struggle balik

gambaru2 kwn2 hidup x indah tanpa dugaan n cabaran
tanpa cabaran kurang la kemanisan hidup yosh yosh

Thursday, March 12, 2009

entry di tulis utk mengotakan janji...


mlm ni nk tulis dgn penuh ati n feel tp..otak tepu haha.. slalu time byk keje, tgh siapkn esemen y plg bess nk tulis... idea mencurah2 haha.. xtau nape.. dugaan btoll la.. suka la plak deviate.. deviate time buat keje haha... bile free n availble... ati plak xde nk menulis.. ku mmg pelik haha..

nk tulis kn pengalaman bess g JB ari tue.. mmg dh jarang gile.. g umah akak ku y sorg ni sbb bukan xmo pegi.. tp bz melanda.. ye ku tau skrg ni suka g s.alam .. tu sem lepas iye .. sem ni pn
baru 2kali mmpu menjejakn kaki ke sana .. sian kcik huhu~~minggu kol ajk g.. lame2 give up huhu... soo fair la 2kali g JB 2kali g s.alam hihi... n baru beberapa kali balik ganu... tp luse balik ganu lagi hehe.. cuti sek yeay yippi

umah baru ni secure bg pun bgs nk msk pn
kena touch n go..siap da card mmg pentin

ni baru 2nd time ku g umah akak ku lps die pindah ke umh baru die.. 2 n half storey.. ku suka dok umah ni sbb floor bwh tu ku y punya haha.. slalu2 bdk2 tu dok 1st floor sbb tv ada kt atas, n akak n abg ku pn.. slalu2 turun time makan jek hihi.. soo ku bebas bergerak.. bdk2 ni akan mengganggu ku from time to bugs je... tp ku suke.. jgn lebih2 dh, xpsl2 kena bebel ngn ku hihi...

nie la scenery belah petang..pagi lagi cantek..
ku cycle ari2 pn bleh klu tempat cmni hehe..bess...bess

pagi2 sabtu kak ku g sek..sian die..everyday dh la balik kol 4.. lps tu kena masak..sabtu pn kena g sek jgk..keje n keje jek.. bz sggh..ini la reality idup sbg cikgu skrg xsemudh n sesenang y di sangka.. abg ku plak balik kg ngn bdk2 tu...tggl la ku n mohd n bibik n bchop.. tetiba mohd ajk cyclin.. cik mirah jom naik beskal.. jom kate ku ... wahh xsangka .. dh lame btol xnaik beskal.. rindu kn perasaan ini.. seronokny perasaan ini hehe.. jln pn xbusy, n kwsn perumah ni bess n mndamaikn.. bahagia rasenya dpt cyclin ..turun bukit smbl lepas tgn wahhh bessny rase...
cm bdk2 je ku nie,grow up cik mirah hihi .. igt time sek dulu .. everyday naik beskal g sek... terimbau sume kenangan silam oooooowwhhh asik sggh hiihii

niatny ari pg ahad pun nk bdk bertuah ni terlajak tido haha

petang tu plak ajk bdk2 ni jln kaki g tasek... dpn umah pn ada taman.. tp ank sdra ku xsuke sgt dh bosang kate mereka.. so ptg2 bwk bdk2 tu jln kaki ku sronok berjalan dr naik keta...bdk2 tu pn abg ku suroh naik keta naik jela.. lg pn dh lame xnaik keta.. die je y brani kasik.. even ayh ku pon xkasik hihi... mklm la lesen terbang aka terbuang haha.. bwk jarang2 skali.. tawakal jela haha.. sesampai kt taman tasek xsangka plak cm dok jepun hihi... cantek sggh.. bunga berguguran atasss tanahhhh... wah beruntung sggh diri ku... xdpt g jepun.. pn xpe klu cmni hihi...

see cantek kan..rase cm nk ber picnic la plak kt situ huhu
tp mesti org kt situ ckp buang tebiat jek haha...

mlm tu spt y d janji kn host y baik ati buat BBQ for me haha... yela dh janji mesti d kota.. ku tgk ada ayam jek.. ku pn dgn xmalu ny berkata... alah ayam jeke...kate ade mcm2, udang n ketam etc mane dinasour y d janji kan haha [ku gurau jek,tp sound seem cm xbersyukur jek hihi] ... balik dr pasar akak ku belikn ketam, kepah n udang.. lor ku memain jek td.. ishk2 teruk sggh bile ade adek y xbersyukur nie hihi.. mlm tue nsb baik xujan..berbumbungkn langit berlantai kn concrete kami pn berBBQ.. mekasih sbb sgt sedap.. mkn ngn salad n baked beans... ku tlg tengok n mkn jek...akak ku y buat sume hihi...tlg sket2 still teringin nk mkn dino y d janji kn haha..

abg ku kire BBQ besday celebration haha...

eda busy masak..abg azm busy mkn haha n ku pon n_n

cat women tetamu y x d undang pn dtg singgah hihi

holiday 4hari 3malam y bess... wlpn d esemen nk d siapkn.. spt biase bila balik.. esemen tinggal kenangan haha... so ari isnin tu ku pn balik... almost kena tggl ngn bus.. sbb jalan jam teruk..1 jam lebey stranded... akak ku ckp dugaan sggh nk g amek mu pn jam n anto balik pon jam ... balik esok jela... ku ckp ooooo nooooooo... xkire kena balik jgk... da esemen nk kena anto n xmmp nk skip kelas ... akhirny xleh jgk buat esemen bila adpter laptop trtggl kt johor huhu... menangis xberlagu bila ku tau huhu~~ku kol akak ku slp puas memujuk akak ku suroh anto kn.. ku dh nk surrender bile akak ku ckp amek balik ganu kegi jela huhu... tetiba dgr suaru kt ujung talian mtk address hehe... yess ... nsb baik abg azm willin nk post kn... mekasih hehe... jasa mu d kenang... btw tankiu for d spesial entry for me tu.. terpaksa baca guna laptop org lain.. sbb eda insist suroh baca jgk mlm tue haha... btw it seems to good to be true ... reality ny biase2 jek haha... jgn tertipu huuhuu ... tp sonok bile tau rupa2 ny itu la diri ku haha... dr kacamata pihak ketiga ... n tankiu for d phone hehe.. save duit ku hoho n TERIMA KASIH sbb jaga org time kecik dulu..budi y xkn pernah terbalas huhu~~

btw xsuke xsuke GDex.. GDex gedik haha...ku tunggu dgn anxious ny one whole day for d parcel..tgk2 tggl notes sbb ku kt kelas n xde org kt umah.. bile kol byk plak songeh die..kena tggu 1hour baru respon after ku kol 3 kali...end up ku kena pick up sdr..xkisah tp bgtau la awl2 huhu.. jgn bg harapn palsu.. ishk ku xsuke org bg false hope ni... mase itu emas bg ku, owh terduga sggh la... ku pn kol ayah, pkcik van y slalu kitorg naik nk g mane2.. time nk cari pun satu hal.. pusing puny pusing xjupe.. kol 3kali tny direction, sape suroh bg direction y memeningkn, sapa ayah ckp kurang asam sggh.. ku gelak jek time tu... dlm ati mmg pon haha.. nk marah pn ade tp ku gelak jek.. end up dpt adpter tu kol 5 petang... mlm tu xtido siap kn esemen.. n tadi qada tido haha... skrg dh nk demam dh huhu ... satu lagi memori y xleh d lupe kn ... GDex y gedik hihi..

ku baik sket ngn akak ku y ni sbb dari ku form 1 lagi slalu g umah die, pantang de cuti mesti g umah die, yela tlg die jaga bdk2 tue... kalu cuti 3 bulan, sebulan lebih ku dok umah die, kdg2 ku buat agreement siap2, xmo lebih mase haha.. sbb ku pn nk balik umh hihi.. kdg2 ma bising jgk asik2 g jb... yela pada ku balik umh xbuat pape baik tlg eda... ku kt umah lazy bum sket, bila umah org jd rajin sket...ishk ishk xbaik btol... bila eda ckp debo la mu nak balik doh, sbb lps ni routine back to normal.. die kena bgn awl pagi siap kn bdk2 anta nursery, balik amek, kemas umah, masak etc etc.. bile ku dtg at least half of d burden dh ilang, die bleh la rest...sedih n sian plak dgr bila eda kate gtu.. sbb tu slalu ku g umah die time cuti.. sonok dpt tlg akak2 ku, even sket pn jd la... kdg2 ku segan jgk ngn ayu, asik2 g umh eda, tp die paham,die ckp baik mu g umah eda leh tlg jaga kn bdk2 tue.. kdg2 bile ku kate nk g umah die, dia ckp g umh eda la.. tp cuti weekend ku jenguk jgk umah die hihi... lps eda ada bibik ku dh slow dh g umh die.. sbb tau dh xde pe ku nk tlg sgt bila g umah die.. segan jgk setakat bgn mkn tido jek hihi... kegi lapang ku jenguk lagi...tunggguuu hihi...

buat ku sedih..sedih..sedih..sape tak sedih..meh ku ketuk kepala hihi


lagi2 entry kol 2 pagi..tula gatai nk buat keja n siapkn esemen
on YM hihi..dh kena kacau oleh kwn2 ku huhu~~
tp kena kacau y ni bess...sbb dpt tg video y bess nie
mekasih pada sape y kacau ku time nie hihi...
wlpn tgh buat keje terasa kena..
share jgk video bess nie hihi...buat renungan
entry sesuai for maulud ari tue..
buat ati ku sayu sendu lenjun sume adaa...
kwn ku y kat sebelah ni pn lenjun same huhu~~

sila lihat huhuhu~~~dan hayati...

ya Rasul Allah ku...
maap kn ku kerna xmmp nk jadi umat mu y baik
huhu m_ _m... (T T) .... huhuhu...
kena slalu2 tgk nie..biar insap sket huhu~~
besarny pahala org y buat ni n share benda ni..mekasih..tq again...

time maulud ari tue 12 rabiul awal isnin 1430 H
entah tetiba terpikir mase dok dlm keta after my
fren fetch me kt MC..erm kt JB ujan,melaka ujan,ganu ujan
[kt tempat mu???]
ari tu ari Isnin..ari Maulud Nabi..erm..erm..satu dunia entah2 ujan
kuasa Allah..sume bleh jadi...hihi...
sumtimes unlogical is logic..sbb tu
manusia xleh terlampau berpikiran logik akal jek
lame2 jd gile hihi...sbb unlogical is logic..but logic still logic cmne tue haha
pikir2 la sdr hihi..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

never meant to cry...


erm ni entry d kala kol 2 pagi..
[sbnry gatal tgn sbb lame xmenulis hihi]
tgh browse tenet buat esemen huhu..smbil byk buat benda lain =P
smbil menyelam minum terlebih minum plak hihi
[nnt tenggelam xtimbul2 plak hehe..ku suke ku suke tis phrase]
tetiba ujan turun renyai2..sambil dgr lagu opick
satu Rindu n mendayu2 huhu~~tersedih n teringat kat ma..
wahh bessny kalau dpt ttp lampu n tido huhu~~

ari tue..bila Rina balik ku xperasan die dh balik..
muka still mournin lagi..terus abess ilang mood ku nk
present micro teachin ari tue..sbb tersedih tgk die huhu~~
cuba memahami..pandangan die kosong..hambar..
nampak kelam d wajah ny..ku try tuk memahami..
xde lagi senyuman manis n usikan die huhu~~
ku teringin buat die ketawa kembali...
tp even nk pandang n setentang mata ngn die pn
ku xmmpu..huhu~~ku nk try console die..nk jupe die
n bg comfort words kt die..ku igt ku tat strong n kuat
rupe ny tidak..

ku pegi kt tempat die..ku melutut..n bila ku tgk je muka dia
tetiba..air mata ku y terburaii bercucuran tanpa henti..
tanpa d pinta2..ku pegang tangan die..tersekat2 suara kt kerongkong nk console die

" weii jgn la cm tue..weii jgn la nanges weiii..mirah..jgn laa.."
"Rina ku tau ayoh mu berada di kalangan org2 soleh"

die plak end up tepuk2 belakang ku huhu
akhirny dia y console diri ku owwwwhhhhh
agak beberapa moment jgk kitorg tersenyap
untill both of us sober ku still nanges
time ku balik kt tempat ku..kwn2 ku plak y console ku
huhu..bgsny la kwn2 ku nie..ku plak kena console =P
bersalahny diri ku ini huhu...bersalah sbb buat die nanges
huhu~~sepatotny ku y console die huhu...
terukny la kwn cm ku nie huhu..i never meant to cry

before this die da mtk nk pinjam buku La Tahzan
ari ni ku decide nk kasik je buku tu kt die
die lagi memerluknny lebih dari ku..Rina tu je y mampu
ku kasik n tunjuk y ku care huhu~~hope it will help u a lot..

skrg ku dh mmpu gurau n gelak2 ngn die cm biase2 hehe
jgn layan sgt rase sedih itu kdg2..ku buat lawak n die gelak
ku suke tgk die gelak n ku suke bila die main2 ngn tangan ku hehe

Rina be strong Hilang itu Pasti...jus when n how...itu Fitrah