Sunday, July 25, 2010

berkepuk berasap berabuk sudahhhh


MasyAllah almost one year i left tis blog untouched...
if i can see the might reach the ceiling already hahahha..
erm my last entry is during my practical, it has been almost 1 year ago..
gosh tats means almost 1 year i have become a teacher..
ya Allah tis one year i learn sooo many things n all the management stuffs,
holding so many position, to a newbie like me, people might say..tat they are taking advantage..
but for me this one year is the most crucial year for me to adapt and absorb d knolwedge..

i view it in a positive way..every task is amanah n tat amanah is a task
tat actually given by Allah but through other human being..
might be an order from the GB.. mirah awk kena jd penyelaras jadual waktu..
wahaha..i recieved it with open heart..but i have to warn my work might no be
as smart and smooth as the senior teachers..
sometimes people needed to be reminded tat we learn from the bottom..
its quite frustating if some people expect me to be excellence and perfect in every aspect ..its not FAIR..even baby crawl ..they dont jus RUN.. im crawling my way now..but im willin to learn..n willin to tolerate..

never thought tat tis one year flew very in my school we live a big happy n united not over emphasize it, but in my view tat is the way here..n im happy tat i have been posted here..despite the two hours drive from my beloved happy island..but as long a happy two hours drive i dont mind...hehe...if before tis i am a timid n shy girl, but i think i have change..i can feel it n i know i ve change..more open ( hopefully not tat open)..moga2 Allah xtarik perasaan malu ku huhu~~

y penting im happy to be here...

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  1. i knew u'll be very positive. and same with you, i'm also happy the place i've been posted to.
    huhuu.. cuma benci bila asik kene saman. haha
    mau angkat skola itu ke sbelah rumah.