Sunday, May 10, 2009

tis what inspire me hehe

ABILITY :: is what you're capable of doing.

MOTIVATION :: determines what you do.

ATTITUDE :: determines how well you do it.

Self-trust :: is the first secret of success, the belief that your being here means that the authority of the universe aka ALLAH put you here, and for a cause.

ps:tankiu ust for the refreshing n inspiring words hehe..


  1. err, nanti boleh saya pinjam idoms tu tak, masukkan dalam blog saya.

  2. @AZANI

    erm bleh jek sile2..amat la di alu2 kan

  3. erm.. self trust tu.. leh tak tuka the authority.. as in Allah yang satu.. bukan authoritIES of the universe. huhu

    neways, nice idioms. suitable for me yang selalu down ni..

    p/s: menci asik kne tegur this kapel of days. as in i'm doing nothing rite! menci prasaan benci!

  4. Salam spekmataku..

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  5. @AZANI


    @valsa nine

    noted n already baiki dh hehe


    sudah baca n bess entry tue..nnt d kesempatan akn d komen n_n