Sunday, January 18, 2009

U n UR Reflection...


"We cannot live in a spiritual vacuum; we need always to be reminded about life to come because no matter how long one may live, one must die in order to attend the final accountability in the hereafter life. UIA is no doubt the best place in Malaysia but many never realize that until they leave it. While in UIA one is continuously reminded about Allah"

i got an email from one of our most beloved lecturer in UIA..ust Kabuye Uthman Sulaimen..he taught us well n we all love him very much..and i couldnt' agree more bout the last 2 sentences he wrote..seriusly throughout my two years xperience studying there..we r continuously reminded by most of our lecturers bout life n hereafter n how to be a good muslim..n to practice islam as much as we can..recitin doa whenever d class is started n ended..which is rare can i say that..i dont know why..but there r some kind of feelins tat when u r there..u jus feel u want to improve urself spiritually..its true d sayin said when ur wit the blacksmith u will get the smoke n fire n when u r with the perfume seller u will get its nice fragrance [lebih kurang la]..

friends r like our own mirrow n we can see a small reflection of us in each an every one of them..
its human nature to have d tendancy to immitate see n find urself in every friends / people tat r close to u...u may have a huge influence on them as they may have a huge impact on u..

tmbh sket..n how u view others in u...

bila kita berkwn dgn org alim isyAllah kn terpalit sedikit keimanny kpd kita dn bila kita berkawan dgn org y zalim kn terpalit sedikit kezalimanny pada kita..

im blessed by being surrounded wit soo many good friends/teachers/people n hope tat i leave a good impact on them..did i??hope sooo..hehe..n they surely do leave an impact in my life..

u never know until u lose it..btol kata ustz..only then u will learn to appreciate it better..through losing..n i dont want to be one of them..i want to cherish it while i can n treasure it when its gone..


  1. wow! very much inspiring!

    go write the reflection! ur words are priceless, my dear.


  2. every1 words r priceless if they only
    let people see it..rite hehe..

  3. owh3..ustaz kabuye besh...cik spekmata, go3!!

  4. hihi..smlm jupe ust..
    enlighten btol evrytime jupe die

  5. enlighten la post ni... stuju bangat dgn ustaz...iAllah nti bila aku jadik mualimah nti.. aku nak insert all this islamic values ni... sama2 ye kita spekmata...

  6. tula..tugas kita dlm mengajar
    kena mskn cinta kn ALLAH sama
    dlm ati murid2..wlpn berat meh
    kita same2 buat chaiyok2..
    jd an islamic english teacher =P